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s.cubedstudios Internship programme

Careers Program. We are seeking the most talented young people to join our team. Our 6 month internship programme provides talented individuals with an exciting opportunity to learn valuable skills and gain incredible experience working in a fast-paced and challenging environment. s.cubedstudios provides web design, social media and online marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes both in the private and public sector.

During the first month you will work across a range of areas, from Social Strategy Management, sales, Data Management, and Finance, to Marketing, PR and HR. Spending time in different areas gives you a chance to explore your interests and recognize your competencies.

For the following 5 months you will work in a specific area in order to focus your experience and gain the most from the internship. As an intern you will be assigned a mentor to support and assist you in any way necessary over the course of the programme.



  • Varied What Will you learn
  • Gain incredible experience working on various tasks
  •  Build a valuable network of contacts for future career progression
  • Learn to work as a part of a dynamic team


Desired skills and experience

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Personable and passionate
  • Must be familiar with using FaceBook, twitter and other SM Platforms
  • Smart
  • University degree required
  • Talented, strongly self-motivated
  • Avid interest in technology a distinct advantage


Application process

Apply by sending your CV and cover letter to

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