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Today’s world is an era of information explosion, with just a click information comes knocking. Social media is a part of our day-to-day life that can’t be ignored. Unsurprisingly, it has both positive and negative effects.

With social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. the world has been inseparably connected, making communication, networking and relationship easier. Social media has grown over the years to become a large platform for entrepreneurs, businesses, organizations and various other professionals who seek identification and recognition at a moderate cost. And in order to succeed, businesses and organizations opt for Artificial Intelligence which is becoming more and more common in today’s world and social media seems to be doing the same. With the growing technology, a wide variety of tools are being used in order to target the right audience on social media. And AI is creating a better journey for users by developing a better user experience on social platforms.

Here’s how AI is transforming Social Media:
Statistics show that social media user base as of the year 2019 is estimated up to 2.77 billion. Artificial Intelligence needs to be properly applied, keeping the entire focus on the current business need. As social media users are growing at an unprecedented state, the business need is to efficiently process the unstructured data. And Artificial Intelligence is providing solution to exactly that.

A study by McKinsey has highlighted that, in the year 2016, Machine Learning constituted around 60% of the total external investment of approximately $8 billion to $12 billion towards AI. With upwards of 3 billion people logging into social media sites regularly, the process of optimising social media marketing has received a massive boost through the application of AI.

Approximately 2 billion internet users are active on social media. That’s almost one in every four people in the world. They are constantly updating their statuses, tweeting their every move and thought, uploading new photos and videos, or posting new thoughts and conversations. This is a whole lot of information that marketers could be using to target customers and sell products to them by using artificial intelligence.

Where AI is already incredibly helpful is where it’s being used as social media monitoring tools. They allow you to ‘listen’ to what is being said about your brand, your competitors and your industry in general. You can then use this data to understand your audience better and improve your marketing strategy. You can also be alerted to conversations about your brand or industry, and chime in at a relevant time. This allows you to be seen as an industry expert and useful resource.

The reality is it will take time for AI to ever replace authentic human conversations and interactions. Tools are already improved to the point where they can create strong bonds with customers. But it’s up to your staff to reach out and ensure those leads result in conversions. To read more about the importance of social media monitoring have a look at our recent article. It’ll give you some tips of how you can improve your online strategies and provide support for customers.

Empowering marketers:  companies are better leveraging social media through artificial intelligence. It’s helping them to better understand their customers buying personas, which, in theory, should help to market more relevant products.

Marketers can personalize content for their customers by understanding buying habits, people’s everyday environments and what motivates them to make their decisions. And AI can learn these habits at a rate much faster than any human. The ever-changing environment of social media makes it harder for companies to keep on top of trends. Which is why they are turning to AI to is a smart move. Machine learning algorithms analyze everything that is happening on social media in real time and convert the information to tangible data for marketers to utilize.

AI studies data and makes recommendations based on its findings. Such vast information would typically take months for a human to cultivate. Deep learning, algorithms, and data-sets empower AI, which in turn streamlines the process for marketers.

The main goal of any organization is customer satisfaction. Research has shown that about 60% of the organization’s priority is customer satisfaction. In order to gain high satisfaction amongst customers, organizations are striving to enhance their customer service. With the advancement of Artificial Intelligence in marketing, organizations can now deliver high-grade services to their customers.

Lastly, it is interesting to identify the fact that AI is here to aid business administration and enhance productivity.

Please, kindly share your thoughts or concerns on the topic; do you agree with our position on AI effect on social media? What are the possible changes you will like to see on social media as a result of AI?

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