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Frequently asked questions

QUESTION ONE How do I know if a Backlinks is good or bad for SEO?
The quality of a backlink can be determined by analyzing how reputable is the website linking to you. What also matters is that the content of the website is relevant to yours. If a well-known site links to you, the backlink will be good. Keep in mind that there are numerous good websites you might have never heard of. Hence why checking their SEO metrics is recommended. You can analyze the Domain Authority, Page Authority, Trust Flow, Citation Flow, the number of external links, how often they update content, user’s engagement and more.
QUESTION TWO Does PageRank matter as an SEO metric?
The disavow tool usually works within days of submitting your report. Nevertheless, it sometimes can take up to several weeks for Google to review your bad backlinks report. If the backlink is bad, you should try to remove it and then disavow it, even if it’s dofollow or nofollow. If you have a good nofollow backlink, you should leave it as it is because it might send relevant traffic your way.
QUESTION THREE How do I get good backlinks?
The quick answer is NO. There’s no point to remove or disavow nofollow links unless they are hurting your reputation. For example, if a porn or gambling site links to you.
QUESTION FOUR Will nofollow backlinks influence SEO?
Most Google officials said that nofollow backlinks will not influence rankings in Google. While there are some SEOs that claim nofollow links carry some value, there’s no official prove to sustain this.
QUESTION FIVE Should I remove or disavow nofollow backlinks?
Link building is essential for SEO, so it’s great to see you are interested to get more good backlinks. The best way to find opportunities to build good backlinks is to look at the links of your competitors. Use Monitor Backlinks to spy your competitors backlinks and try to replicate the ones that are good and worthy. If your competitors are ranking above you, it often means they have done something right, and they have better backlinks than you. By replicating the most important links of all your competitors, you’ll have higher chances to outrank them. Using the metrics provided by Monitor Backlinks you can see at a glance what backlinks are good or bad. Take each link one by one to understand how your competitor has gotten to have a link from that website. If they got a link because of a blogger review or mention, you can contact that blogger and offer him the chance to test your product as well. Whether it’s a guest post, a forum mention or any other type of backlink, you should try to replicate it. Do consider that sometimes your competitors might have bad backlinks, so don’t rush into replicating, without analyzing if the website has a good authority.
QUESTION SIX How long does it take for the disavow tool to work?
No, the Google PageRank Toolbar hasn’t been updated for almost two years, and Google has no plans to update it. Google officials have said several times that SEOs should not look at PageRank anymore.

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