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YouTube Launch New Dedicated Fashion & Style Content Hub

YouTube Launch New Dedicated Fashion & Style Content Hub

YouTube Launched new dedicated fashion and style content hub

Whether it’s for music, entertainment or tutorials, just getting lost in a video hole, YouTube is a platform we are all familiar with. However, the media platform, which heralds the title of second biggest search engine in the world, is launching a new channel, which aims to bring unfettered access from not just the fashion front line, but deep into the industry.

YouTube Fashion will be a hub a content where you can find live streams of the most talked-about fashion shows, insider interviews, fashion how-to tutorials, closet tours, red carpet style and creator content from the biggest names in the industry.

Derek Blasberg, who serves as director of YouTube Fashion and Beauty shared the following.

“Top shelf content on the site during the next four weeks will be fashion shows from New York, London, Milan and Paris. There will also be a series called, ‘Stories of Style’ – which acts as a behind the scenes look at the fashion industry. There is a vertical devoted to model, which we have coined ‘the model army’, another devoted to careers. Publishers like Stylist and other magazines will also have a vertical where they can create content and publish articles for their readers. So instead of this kind of content being dotted all around the site it’s in one channel dedicated to you, where algorithms will pick up what you like and bring you more of that type of content.”

“What we see doing really well on the site is slight longer piece – between six and eight minutes – that has a narrative structure and is personality rich. So, whoever in the content is someone super charismatic or witty or someone that holds your attention. Also, I think people come to YouTube to learn something. It doesn’t have to be as descriptive as like five tips for the perfect little black dress, but I think when people are watching

YouTube, they want to learn something or discover something or find a practical method that they can apply to their stylish life.”

YouTube has announced the launch of its all-new ‘/fashion’ hub, that will showcase style and beauty-related content by luxury fashion brands, beauty creators, industry collaborations, publishers, as well as live runway shows, and more. The new section is accessible now at In addition, as explained by YouTube,

“[ will] feature original content from the biggest names in the industry, as well as the popular content that users have come to expect from the world of YouTube. Each shelf is chock-full of compelling videos from fashion and beauty creators, industry professionals, publishers, and luxury fashion brands.”

It is quite interesting to see social media platforms growing to meet the growing needs of consumers. What are your thoughts on YouTube launching new dedicated and fashion style content? Please feel free to share your comment.

Use YouTube to Drive your Website Traffic

Use YouTube to Drive your Website Traffic

Use YouTube to Drive your Website Traffic

YouTube, the second largest and popular search engine with over one billion visitors monthly, offers huge potential marketing rewards. As a business owner or online marketer, how can you tap into this rich goldmine? How can your business upload content that viewers will want to watch, and more importantly, how can you transform those viewers into customers? Easy! Your YouTube marketing goal is simple: To drive customers to your website. You have to build a community of potential leads. Your target is to reach those genuinely interested in what your business has to offer. With these steps, you can use YouTube to drive your website traffic through the roof.

  1. Upload content often

Be sure to upload content regularly. One-off viewers are less likely to become customers than people drawn back time and time again to view new videos. And don’t forget to use the comment section to engage potential customers in conversation (always pointing them to your website!). It may take a few videos to convince a user to jump from YouTube to your site. By frequently uploading quality content, you increase the odds of converting leads to customers.

  1. Always include a Call to Action

An effective call-to-action drives web traffic and boosts sales. Calls to action are not always about having the viewer buy your products. You may choose to focus on encouraging viewers to visit your website. A call to action could even invite viewers to watch another video.

  1. Use the video Description Box

Whenever you upload new content to YouTube, you are given the opportunity to describe the content using the Video Description Box. You can use this feature to drive traffic to your website by adding your site’s url alongside a short (6-7 words) call to action. This URL will work as a clickable link displayed permanently under your video.

  1. Use Call to Action Overlays

The Call to Action Overlay is a banner ad that appears in the lower third of the video screen. The Overlay is an effective way of encouraging viewers to visit your site. The Overlay takes only a few minutes to set up, and can feature copy, a thumbnail image and a url.

  1. Watch the Analytics

Analytics offer you an insight into the effectiveness of your campaigns, telling you whether your YouTube campaigns are driving traffic to your site and allowing you to tweak your marketing strategies. YouTube offers a variety of metrics, enabling you to determine who your viewers are and which content most interests them. YouTube also provides analytics on adverts, giving you another insight into your audience’s likes and dislikes.

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