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Awesome Social Media Content as Easy as Pie

Awesome Social Media Content as Easy as Pie

Awesome Social Media Content as Easy as Pie

Social media keeps on changing and evolving daily so in other to remain at the total one must change, learn, and adapt to the new technologies and platforms used in achieving social media ROI. Though content is KING, what kind of content gets you the kingdom? With practice and time creating awesome social media content becomes easy with the basics listed below.


Today images are the cornerstone of social media, which is way social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Flickr are so popular today. They all offer image based posts which is quicker to aborb  than a full length written post. No one has time for that especially someone in the rat race who only has a minute or 2 to catch up with their social network.

Remember, when choosing an image, you have to decide which social media network you want to post them on. What may work on Facebook may not on Pinterest. And each social media network has specific size and layout. Funny and eye catching images are great. You can also use infographic images for your business as well.


If you are not using videos in your marketing, you are missing a very, very valuable piece of content. With videos, you can connect and build trust with your audience faster than any other form of content. Videos can be used to provide visual testimonials or information. They can also be used to promote your business or just to tell a story about your brand or clients. Google+ and YouTube have powerful SEO benefits.


Writing great text is also part of creating awesome social media content. Especially when it is used well to interact and engage with members of your community a generous mixture of questions, quotes, tips and testimonials.

Content Sharing

Awesome content is not limited to those that you create. You can also share good content that belongs to other people such as blog posts, News, videos and images  as long as you are prepared to give the the credit for it.

Why You Should Do a Social Media Audit of Your Brand

Why You Should Do a Social Media Audit of Your Brand

Why You Should Do a Social Media Audit of Your Brand

Now, I know the word “audit” sends the shivers down your back and conjures up the image of the boogeyman used to scare business owners into updating their tax payments. However, as a business owner it is imperative you do a social media audit of your social media marketing. A social media audit is a series of steps taken to evaluate and optimize a business’s social media profile and strategy. Below are eight reasons why you should do a social media audit of your brand.

Why you should do a social media audit of your brand

  • A social media audit gives you the opportunity to see what’s working and what’s not in your social media strategy and thus, allows you learn how to improve upon it for the future.
  • The information gotten from an audit allows you to develop a strategy if you don’t already have one and if you do what areas to tweak and improve upon.
  • An audit also helps to evaluate what the future goals for your social media strategy should be and start connecting your content marketing to it.
  • In addition, Everyone stands to benefit from an overview of their social media standing; from the top man down to the social media account handler.
  • With many moving parts going on with social media today, an audit helps you uncover the hidden gaps.
  • A social media audit from an objective social media guide empowers you to know which areas to focus your resources on for maximum result.
  • A social media audit helps you find out why your social media isn’t converting, pinpoint areas in need of improvement and discover how to get more conversions.
  • Also, by assessing how your competitors are faring on social media, an audit reveals how to get more customers thus giving you an advantage.



Social media has opened a lot of doors and created opportunities for brands across the globe, who bought a ride on this unending social ride. If as a business owner you’re yet to board the train, here are some of the things social media can do for your brand.

  • You can increase brand awareness and loyalty by connecting and engaging with your customers on social media.
  • Social media also helps you keep an eye on your competitors and gain Intel on what they are doing right or wrong. This helps you make strategic business decisions and keep ahead.
  • You can also share content about your business faster with your customers by sharing them on your social media accounts.
  • Social media provides an opportunity for you as a brand to build lasting relationships with your customers.
  • There is an unending well of information about your customers that you can draw from. With over millions of tweets, photos and videos being uploaded on Instagram and over billion likes and reactions on Facebook daily, you can get information about their likes and thoughts about your brand.
  • The right social media platform can be a great boost for your lead generation.
  • Social media provides a good opportunity for your brand to generate revenue. This is achievable through building a community e.g. on Google+ or advertising on the social media platforms.
  • One other way social media can benefit your business is as a platform for recruiting and networking. Advertise vacancies and discuss with like-minded people and brands to improve the way you do business.
  • Influence your search engine optimisation (SEO) ranking by growing on your social following.
  • Social media can be your customer service. Your customers can reach you via your social account about complaints or enquiries.
2017 Social Media Predictions and Their Accuracy

2017 Social Media Predictions and Their Accuracy

2017 Social Media Predictions and Their Accuracy

With over 2.3 billion active social media users, it is no longer fiction or fantasy that social media is here to stay. An average social media user spends approximately 3 hours or more online. More brands are keying in and using social media channels as business marketing tools. We are in the second quarter of the year and last year, there were some social media predictions for 2017. How many predictions are there, really? And how many have come true or about to come true? There are over forty predictions about the future of social media and we have selected those that seem to echo the thoughts and expectations of all the experts in social media, digital marketing and CEOs.

Warren Knight, social media expert made three predictions in which he fingered Data, Tools and Automation as the future of social media. He posits that understanding data is key as the data a business collects helps shape the way it communicates with its target audience online. He advises that brands collect and analyze data in order to the center of what their target audience wants from them as just posting on social media is no longer enough. This is where his Tools prediction comes in as brands will need tools to analyze and turn said collated data into useful information. Then, brands can automate their content on social media with a clear goal for what they want to achieve. Tools such as Buffer and Crowdfire are all tried and true automation tools that will allow your social media efforts to go farther, faster.
Matt Edstrom, Head of Marketing at BioClarity predicts a rise in virtual reality citing the success of PlayStation VR, he’s pointed that The Snapchat spectacles will pave the way for additional social networks to produce and market hardware.

One prediction that has come to pass is that of Lindsey Kent who predicted that more companies will include social media boosting in their marketing budget. Client support is another true prediction for 2017 as more and more clients are using companies’ social media pages for support, information and complaints as opposed to emails and phone calls.

Sandra Nomoto predicts that “more social networks will compete in the live video space, including Twitter and LinkedIn. The competition for attention using live, real-time video – which Periscope, Snapchat, Facebook Live and Instagram offered – will extend to these other networks.” This has proved to be true.
The prediction that hasn’t come to pass and isn’t looking to in the nearest future is by Kallen Diggs who said that Twitter will be bought out by Google or Verizon this year. Uhm, we don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Some of the predictions we have culled from

Social Media Habits That Will Rock 2014

Social Media Habits That Will Rock 2014

The Soar Of Videos

The presence of YouTube will remain relevant in the year 2014 in the Social media world, YouTube has been consistently excellent in the past years and brands seem to be thriving well using this toolbox. It is projected that video will continue their upward ascent in the social media marketing toolbox hierarchy. Applications like Vine and Instagram are all evidence that videos will continue to be trendy and useful for brands

The Little Decline of Facebook And The Rise Of Twitter

Facebook has been the king of social media so far, at least for the past 3 years. Facebook has over a billion users, a populous country itself. This is not an axiom, as there are convincing figures to back this up. Though there is no false that many other social media platforms have emerged and are giving Facebook a healthy challenge. However, Twitter’s growth in the year 2014 looks certain as it looks like the giant social media platform is all out to overthrow Facebook. With its recent initial public offering and stock performance out of the gate, look for Twitter to continue to become truly mainstream in 2014 and become the next billion-user platform. Little wonder every company is trying to build a strong presence on Twitter.

News Feed Delivering News

Facebook recently changed its Edge Rank algorithm to benefit traditional publishers. And there will not be an inch of surprise when Twitter and Google+ follow this as well in the year 2014. Therefore increasing our feeds deliver news. LinkedIn, through its Influencers and Pulse platforms and its algorithm, has made a good news product. People now get their business news and insights through LinkedIn feed. This act is in favour of publishers, thereby, we will not be surprised when many business owners think and act like publishers in the year 2014.

The Relevance Of Content Sharing

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are now investing time and resources in creating and sharing content on the social web. The trend is changing, unlike now, businesses feel they don’t believe they need the use of social media in marketing their content. For people who feel the social web is too buzzy, should be expecting more in the year 2014. Businesses cannot afford to be left out of the social media ‘drama’. Therefore businesses need to create better, valuable and shareable content in order to be separated from the crowd in the year 2014, so to benefit the reward of social media.

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