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Tips Of Using Instagram As A Marketing Tool

Tips Of Using Instagram As A Marketing Tool

You would agree that there are pressing needs for every businesses to make use of Instagram as a marketing media, both the new and old businesses must embrace the ever growing social media platform. I understand that your business already has Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google + etc as means of marketing, but you do not have to stop there as sharing of images via Instagram would be a huge boost to your product or services, as it is certain that people are often fascinated to visuals than text. People are 40% more likely to have a better response to visual content as opposed to plain text

Here are a few tricks on how to market or promote our business via Instagram 


Knowing what your business has to offer people is a paramount question that needs to be answered. Why should they follow you on Instagram, when they are already following you on Facebook and Twitter? The trick here is to give them exclusive access to things that have more to do with your business location and your community than the actual promotions itself. When you’re using Instagram, think of personal engagement and the genuine interest of your audience as opposed to making your posts all about sales and promotions.


Many users have not mastered the art of effectively using hashtags from a business perspective, however, the beauty of hashtags from a business perspective is that it allows your posts to be visible to people who search for certain hashtags. The rule of thumb is to stick to about 4 to 7 hashtags, and make sure you make use of popular trending hashtag.


The approved ways of going about this tip is to create a posting schedule when you think your followers are most active. This can be after work hours or during weekends or well into the night. In addition, it’s best to share content that you know your followers will like. How can you tell? Check out which content gets the most likes and comments and start sharing similar content. However, don’t exclusively post that content. It’s still best to add some variety to what you post.


Learn how to involve your followers into your campaign by asking them for images that are related to your brand. It saves one from having to come up with your own content, but it’s great for people who genuinely want you to notice that they love your brand. You can ask them to submit photos of themselves using your product with a list of relevant hashtags they can use. Not only does this give you great content to work with, but their followers will also be able to see their post. In addition, you can even search for content related to your brand that users have shared in the past. Just remember to ask for their permission before you use their images.

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