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Give your brand a Personality via InstaStories

Give your brand a Personality via InstaStories

Give your brand a Personality via InstaStories

Instagram Stories or as i like to call them, Instastories, allows users to post multiple streams of photos and videos in a slideshow format to create their unique “story” for that day. Like Snapchat, the content is ephemeral so content posted in Stories will disappear after 24 hours however, the difference between InstaStories and Snapchat is that new stories in the home feed are sorted by who you interact with most, not according to the time stories have been updated. Content posted via Stories does not appear on your regular Instagram profile grid or feed. As a brand, you can add flavor to your Stories content using text and drawing tools to show more of your brand’s personality. Read below the ways to show your brand’s personality via InstaStories.

Instagram Stories provides new opportunities for businesses to bolster relationships with their followers, humanise their brand and get fans involved. Instagram Stories is the perfect outlet to showcase more of your brand personality, helping to build that “know, like and trust” factor. how have you defined your brand? Do you use specific colours, tones, or moods? What’s the tone of voice you use in your other marketing?

One of the best ways to get fans involved in your brand is through Instagram contests. Get them active in your stories by encouraging them to send messages as a contest where their answers could win them a prize. Make it a regular event so they return to your Stories on a consistent basis.

Also, you can use both still photographs and videos to create Instagram stories. Your videos don’t have to be anything spectacular. In fact, videos can be a great way to show your audience a unique view of the day-to-day happenings at your business.

In addition, use Stories to expand on a recent post shared on your feed by giving followers behind-the-scenes access to your event. Sharing a continuous stream of visual content that provides more depth can add another layer to your content and help bring it to life, giving your followers more ways to connect with your brand.

Instagram Stories can also be used as an additional outlet to creating campaigns that build awareness about upcoming events or new product launches. Each day provides a new opportunity to create promotional content for your next big thing with Stories, and you’ll never overwhelm your followers feed with your messaging.

Combine interviews and other tactics to tell an engaging story to highlight company events and milestones. Your business probably has more stories than you realise. Treating them like exciting events is a great way to humanise your brand and keep your customers interested in what you do.

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