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Effective Tactics To Generate Leads

Effective Tactics To Generate Leads

Effective Tactics to Generate leads 

As a digital marketer one of the many questions that may cross your mind could be how do you generate leads, and what are the available tactics one can use to generate leads. These questions may be bother you, however do not be worried because you are about to get answers to your questions and possible solutions to your lead generation problems. There are various tactics one can use to generate leads which I will list and explain to you in the next few paragraphs. 

Defining your audience: 

The first tactic we will be considering is audience definition. Before you get started with lead generation process, you need to first define the kind of audience for your brand. The reason you must do this is to ensure that your marketing gets to the right audience. One may spend so much time and money trying to convince an audience but it will not pay off if such an audience turns out to be the wrong one. 

Now how do you define your audience, to do this, you must come up with a customer persona which is based on their locations, behaviors, demography, and interests. When you do this, you can then build your target audience, reaching your audience will therefore be precise and your time and effort in marketing will not be in vain. 

Blog regularly 

Most customers will only trust a blogger who is regular in his/her blogs. To earn the trust of your customers you need to ensure that you blog regularly. Also, you must create related and highquality content. Your content should be able to engage your customers and this will encourage them to always come back to your blog for more. This continuous tactics in promoting relationship between you and your customers makes regular posting of highquality content one of the best tactics of lead generation. 

Social media marketing: 

Social media marketing plays a huge part in attracting new and returning customers to your brand and the valuable content you create on your website. Content marketing although is not sufficient alone but promoting your content will give you a better result 

To get the most out of your time, you need to do some research to find out which social media channel is being used by your customers more frequently. If your target customers are more active on Facebook than on Instagram, then use Facebook to communicate with them more, drive followers to your website and initiate the lead generation process. 

Search Engine Optimizer (SEO): 

SEO is a powerful tool in the digital marketing arsenal that you can easily take advantage to drive your inbound lead generation campaign. It is an important traffic channel in any online lead generation plan. Three are some effective ways to use SEO for a better lead generation result these are: 

Optimize your homepage and inner content. 

Optimize for mobile users 

Get local 

Avoid SEO errors 

SEO revolves around optimizing the structure and content of your website and receiving relevant external links to your website. To be able to get business you must be found on the internet which is why SEO is one of the most important tactics in lead generation 

Affiliate marketing: 

To boost your lead generation further, you could implement affiliate marketing. These affiliates will send traffic from their websites to your own landing page. In return, you can give them a commission based on the number of leads or sales they generate. You could also ask them to drive conversions and boost your revenue. If your affiliates work more effectively, they will get higher commission and you will get a higher number of leads. Therefore, affiliate marketing is a cost-effective tactics of generating leads. 

Organize competitions: 

One tactical way of generating leads is by contest or competition organization. You can decide to organize a small competition with a reasonable prize attached to it. So many people like free things, therefore they will love to participate in the competition. In this process you can get their demo graphs, email account, phone numbers, address and even their pictures. You can also award runnersup of the competition to increase the number of contestants and therefore more leads. Mind you, why you are attaching prize to your contest be very careful not to make it unrealistic and ambiguous, because this will not only make your leads to lose trust in you but it may also chase them completely away. Be moderate and precise!  

Effective Ways To Use SEO For Lead Generation

Effective Ways To Use SEO For Lead Generation

Effective Ways to use SEO for Lead Generation 


To generate high-quality lead is a very difficult challenge in digital marketing. To address this challenge, there is a powerful tool in the digital marketing arsenal that you can easily take advantage to drive your inbound lead generation campaign which we refer to as the Search Engine Optimizer (SEO). SEO is not just a lead generation strategy but also an important traffic channel in any online lead generation plan. Hence you can optimize your SEO strategy in compliance with your lead generation goals and objectives and implement it to improve the number of potential customers who visit your website. 

 Below are some effective ways to use SEO for a better lead generation result: 

 (1) Optimize your homepage and inner content: 

To optimize your homepage and inner content, you have to do the following: 

 (a) Finding the right keywords is very important to gaining the attention of search engines and attracting more audience but using a bunch of keywords that have a lower search volume is always better than having one keyword with a high one. 

 (b) Backlinks are the incoming hyperlinks from one webpage to another site, one of the best ways to do this is by spying on the competitor, by using the backlink checker tools. A backlink checker may not give you a complete overview of a URL’s backlink profile, therefore you use a few different tools and collate the result. 

(c) The use of longtail keywords and keyword phrases that are specific to your brand can also be a good means to optimize your homepage. Using longtail keywords enables customer who is searching for an information on your website to locate it easily, they keep it specific and local. When you are using these longtail keywords throughout your website, search engines will point them towards you. 

 (d) Creating a website that looks great on desktop but all over the place on other devices is not too good. It is important your website is responsive, make sure your page is sleek, both in designs and usability. 

 (2) Optimize for mobile users: 

In recent years, SEO is rapidly focusing on mobile devices to get results. This is because people spend more time on their mobile devices searching for information on various products and services. They use them to conduct more mobile searches with an intent to buy. further research shows that 50% of mobile visitors have actually visited a local store within a day and that 78% of local mobile searches result in purchases, this proves that having a mobile optimized website can actually increase your business bottom line. With a mobile responsive website, your chances of attracting high quality traffic are much higher. 

 (3) In order to use SEO for your lead generation efforts, you must first understand the keyword “user Intent”. 

There are basically five types of user intent, they are 

 *know (Understand a certain topic, product or service) 

*Do (Execute a certain activity online) 

*Buy (purchase a product or service) 

*Web (Visit a webpage or website) 

*Local (visit a local establishment) 

(4) Get Local: 

Most of your SEO traffic come from local sources. To improve your local SEO scores with some Google tools and other content optimization tools. You will need to check through your content and ensure your internal and backlinks are all working. Also, claim your “Google My Business” page, this will provide a second source of appropriate content that closely relates to your site. 

 (5) Avoid SEO Errors: 

One important step to take in auditing your homepage is to check for technical SEO errors. Try searching for your target keywords and compare where you rank to your competitors. Analyse your site for mobile friendliness. Make sure your content is displaying online in the most advantageous way possible.  

Improving Your Lead Generation Using A/B Testing

Improving Your Lead Generation Using A/B Testing

Improving Your Lead Generation Using A/B Testing

A/B testing or split testing is comparing two versions of a web page to see which one performs better. This allows you to make more out of your existing traffic.  You can A/B test anything on your website; your headlines, subheadings, testimonials, paragraph texts, links, images etc. Advanced tests can include pricing structures, sales promotions, free trial lengths, navigation and UX experiences, free or paid delivery, and more. A/B testing is a great way towards improving your lead generation website. So, what areas should you improve using A/B Testing?

  1. Navigation menu

The navigation menu can have a big impact on visitor behaviour. Tweak the phrasing of menu items as well as the order, and see what results in more clicks. You could also try experimenting with different formats like a horizontal or vertical menu – or a fixed bar that stays put when visitors scroll down.

  1. Content offers

You have some great educational content that will help take visitors through the buying cycle. But which will you promote the most? You could offer an introductory guide as a free download on the home page. But perhaps linking to your blogs, and offering the download there, might get a better response.

  1. Images

There are many different options for how to display images on your site. Will you use people, products, places or illustrations? Images can be appealing, but don’t jump to conclusions. They might actually be distracting from the action you want visitors to take. Sometimes, less is more.

  1. Call to Action

A call to action refers to any device designed to prompt an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale. What you do with your call to action can make a big difference to how many leads you generate and convert. Think about phrasing, positioning, colour, and whether you use buttons or links. Do you have a lot on the page, or just one?

  1. Personalization

You can personalize a website in many different ways; by location, recommended purchases, and different messaging for new and returning visitors. If you know someone has already downloaded content, you could test what follow-up offers work best.

  1. Tone 

It’s not just what you say, but how you say it, too. You might have been writing blogs using an authoritative voice, but find that more irreverent copy generates more leads. Or perhaps you’ve been trying to express excitement, when actually a more down-to-earth voice will gain more trust.

  1. Forms

The design of your forms on landing pages can make a big difference to how many leads you generate, and this is a key area where people might drop out of the buying cycle. You need to make sure you are gathering important information without putting people off. Will you just ask people for an email address, or their name and job title as well?

  1. Mobile UX

You absolutely must consider the experience of visitors using mobile devices. Mobile screens can display less content – so test different navigation options like scrolling, buttons, and blinds to see what works best. The size of images and headers is another important consideration.

  1. Social media

Don’t forget to think about how you provide people with options for sharing your site’s content on social networks. You could test different sizes, designs and positioning of sharing buttons. How will you prompt people to join your networks?

  1. Pricing

How you display pricing information is one of the most sensitive and important things to consider. Should you present prices immediately, or wait until further in the buying cycle? And how prominently should you do it? For subscriptions, is it better to display annual or monthly prices?

As you can see, there are lots of different aspects of your site you can play around with – and some of them can make a really big difference. Making judgment calls on all of this is a daunting prospect. Thankfully, A/B testing can help by giving you the hard data.

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