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Reasons To Constantly Updating Your Facebook Business Page With New Content

Reasons To Constantly Updating Your Facebook Business Page With New Content

Reasons for Adding New Content to Your Facebook Business Page

Content marketing is a long-term strategy that uses content in a variety of formats to build a stronger relationship with your audience, capture their audience, improve engagement and improve brand recall. Contents can be in the form of Photos, Videos, Articles, Comics, Animations, Plugins, Infographics etc. Adding new contents to our business page is very important for the following reasons:

Greater return on a smaller investment: Content marketing costs about 62% less than traditional and outbound marketing tactics. Therefore, it is a lot cheaper than other forms of advertising. One form of content marketing that offers the widest and highly targeted reaches with some of the best Return of Investment (ROI) is the email. Highly targeted email campaigns using segment lists, can generate up to 760% more revenue than traditional email blasts.

It exposes your business to new prospects and a larger audience: When you write high quality content, your audience will take note and may share these contents thereby reaching more audiences and these audience may also in turn share to more audience and the network continues to grow like that.

It improves brand awareness: You will stay in the forefront of consumer’s minds by constantly posting new contents, engaging them regularly and with that knowing what they want. If your posts are not frequent and your page is not engaging, then there may be tendency of losing your audience to a more active blogger who is always engaging his/her audience.

It improves engagement with your target market: Facebook generally is an engaging platform than most social media platforms. It is therefore important to use its full potentials. One should engage with his/her audience through various posts, with this you will have the opportunity to improve your brand recognition as well as learning more about your target audience, specifically their wants and needs.

It grows your target audience: When you make posts especially if it is a very good one, you may have some audience who may love such posts very well and may decide to share it to their friends and family members, who will in turn share it to other friends. This act grows your audience and helps you to market and advertise your page faster without it costing you anything, it is therefore important to constantly add new contents to help you achieve this goal without much stress and costs.

Improves your search engine visibility: Adding new content to your Facebook page improves your search engine visibility. When you use keywords, which will be read by major search engines, it drives traffic to your site, this will improve your site’s relevance and improves your ranking in search engine results.

To face and cope with competition: To be on the same page with your competitor or to be better than your competitor, you need to always add new content to your Facebook page. On the internet as it always was and would always be, content adding is very important. You should always keep your page fresh and engaging. This will make you achieve your goals and optimize your ROI. If fresh new contents are not seen on your page regularly, you may lose out of the competition and if possible, the business completely.

Gamification in 2013

Welcome back to this beautiful blog after a long hiatus we are back with more compelling reads on Gamification in 2013.

I have chosen to start the year by talking about “gamification” which I feel well play a big and important role in the innovation of technology this year. Particularly when pacman gamification yomi.ashiru blogtalking about Apps, Social Media and Social Marketing.

Firms like LinkedIn have introduced some elements of gamification into their product to encourage and simplify some for its functions.

Gamification has been defined as the use of game elements and game design techniques in non-game contexts – (Kevin Werback University of Pennsylvania) Gamification typically involves applying game design thinking to non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging (Bunchball,

Gamification is being used by the likes of Banks, Call centres, and even your local council to help in areas such as recycling, and healthcare.

With evermore non- gaming organisations like banks, retailers, and software design firms increasingly using gamification strategies in their Social Marketing campaign it only follows that 2013 will bring more innovation in this area of technology.

4Square who is harnessing this technology of behalf of merchants it represents is bound to be a game changer this year. Google, Facebook and Microsoft – with the introduction of Windows 8 to the market- for me will be the big innovators.

Changes, them are coming

Changes, them are coming


Just as one begins to get familiar with recent changes to our favourite social media platforms, up comes another change. Are these changes really for the better or evenSocial media icons necessary or just change for the sake of it. Facebook now has the Timeline for personal and corporate pages, The new LIKE settings and much more. This must make it difficult for various social media account managers and consultants to get a handle on, as the changes are coming thick and fast.

Is this all in a bid to stay relevant or increase numbers of users, or is the competition between , Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the rest now down to changes in user experience. Am not quite sure yet, but all these changes are making me lose interest. Just in case you don’t know what your new Facebook measurements are 851 x 315px for the cover photoprofile photos are 180 x 180px while the Apps are 111 x 74px anything else makes the graphic look smaller with a white boarder. Photos now have a maximum measurement of 404 x 404px while the highlights and Milestones graphic are 843 x 403. Some related changes and helpful hints on Facebook’s new changes

Missed the whole gNigeria events last week g|Nigeria 2012 but one can see how Google is trying its best to get a foot hold in Africa’s most populous country. With a population of close to 160 million individuals, The Nigerian market is an attractive prospect for any multinational. With companies like Samsung, Google, Nokia, IBM, Ericsson, LG all jockeying for position in this Sub-Saharan nation. Nigeria is on the vanguard of a technology explosion in Africa. With the ICT sector growing at a very fast rate and both State and Federal Government making ICT the next holy grail. There are now over 4 million Nigerian Facebook users compared to just over a 1 million in 2010.

And finally it’s with a heavy heart that I inform you (for those of you who don’t know already) that the days of the the Encyclopaedia Britannica are over. After 244 year the famous general knowledge encyclopaedia will stop going to press. The name evokes the memory of door to door salesmen for those of you old enough to remember. But with competition from Wikipedia the online free encyclopaedia sales have been in decline. Only 4000 of the 8000 copies of the 2010 edition where sold. It is a shame as it provided us with accurate facts and figure as opposed to Wikipedia which is said to content at least 4 mistakes per entry. Wel this is a classic case of video killing the radio star. Till next week.

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