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Bringing Your Business Live On Facebook

Bringing Your Business Live On Facebook

Bringing Your Business Live On Facebook

As a brand, have you considered bringing your business live on Facebook?. Videos on social media has moved from just posting a pre–recorded video to streaming live from wherever and Facebook which launched its live video feature in 2015, is the biggest platform for live videos with over 25% of users watching live streams daily and still growing. Available to all pages, profiles and Facebook groups, users can broadcast live videos using only their smartphones. With users watching 100 hours of videos on Facebook every day and every one out of five users watching live videos, here’s why you should add Facebook Live to your content strategy:

  • More than 20% of people watch live videos on Facebook
  • Users in over 60 countries can share Facebook live videos
  • People comment 10 times more on live videos
  • Facebook live has its own notification system. Users can subscribe to a particular broadcaster if they choose, which means they’ll be notified when said broadcaster goes live.
  • Users can send invitations to friends while watching a live broadcast. This option is available from within the Live Video.
  • Facebook provides two Live Video-specific metrics to help measure the success of your broadcast. Peak concurrent viewers which lets you know the highest number of viewers who were watching while it was live and viewers during a live broadcast which is a visual representation of the number of viewers during each moment of the live broadcast.

To use Facebook live, you have to put a few things in place to allow for a seamless stream.

  1. Plan your broadcast. Take time to figure out what your broadcast is about and what you want to say.
  2. Let your followers know when you are going live. You can also put up notifications on your other social channels. Ensure to put in all the right information like when, where and what you’ll be talking about.
  3. Write a good description on what the broadcast is about and why they should watch it.
  4. Tag your location so people can find you.
  5. Respond to comments on your broadcast. This will encourage them to watch another time.


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