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6 Creative Ways to Market Your Small Business

6 Creative Ways to Market Your Small Business

6 Creative Ways to Market Your Small Business

Are you a small business with big marketing ideas? Budget can limit the executing of these ideas. However, not every successful strategy requires a lot of money. Here are six inexpensive, effective and creative ways to market your small business.

1. Get personal.
Customers love the opportunity to make something their own. Take the “Share a Coke with” campaign by Coca-cola. If there’s a way for you to allow customer customization, give it a try and see how your audience responds.

  1. Promote customer engagement.
    We live in a “tweet it, post it” world so, whatever you can do to make your small business more shareable is good for marketing. Create an opportunity for photo ops and increase your social reach without spending a kobo. Add a prize as an incentive to get people to use your hashtag or tag your business in their posts.3. Say thanks.
    How often do you let your customers know that you appreciate them? You’d be surprised the power a simple “thank you” can have on creating customer loyalty. How about hosting a special event where guests can sample new menu items, or showcase the season’s new arrivals with a fashion show? Any event that builds excitement and celebrates the customers will do the job.

4. Develop a loyalty program.
If you’re losing customers, you need to establish a way to cultivate repeat business. Your loyalty program can be as basic as a punch card or as elaborate as a membership that rewards customers based on how often they visit or even how much they spend.

5. Utilize LinkedIn.
LinkedIn is one of the most frequently skipped social media networks for small businesses. While not the most exciting platform, it does provide unique opportunities for marketing your business. You can connect with people in your community by creating a group and reaching out to other small business owners and potential customers in your area without spending a dime.

6. Do a Customer Survey.
If you’re not sure what types of marketing or promotions your customers will respond to best, ask them. A simple survey can provide endless insight into what you’re doing right and wrong, and what you’re not doing that you should be. Include a raffle-like component, where one participant will win a prize to encourage your audience to take part.

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