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Using AI as a Creative Marketing Tool

Using AI as a Creative Marketing Tool

Using AI as a creative marketing tool

When speaking about AI in marketing, the focus is usually on how AI can effectively process big data to make predictions, help marketers save time on repetitive tasks, or drive conclusions from big chunks of data but marketing is not only about crunching data — it is also about creativity. So, the question is: how will using AI as a creative marketing tool help marketing specialists complete creative tasks in the future?

Curating photos

Ever wondered why some images are more eye-catching than others? EyeEm created an AI that is able to decide if a picture is aesthetically pleasing by analyzing its content. The technology can even offer users a personalized ranking based on specific visual requirements. It can also generate a caption for each image so the user doesn’t have to bother with creating a keyword list.

Creating art

There is an artistic AI available to users as a mobile app. Pikazo is a free app that uses a deep neural network to create art. The AI combines two images to make one, really cool image. A user simply selects a photo to paint and chooses how to paint it then the machine does the rest. This is an excellent tool for marketers looking to create interesting photos for ads and social content.

Composing music

Jukedeck is an App whose AI can dynamically compose music in different styles, so users can easily create audio tracks for their company videos or even for personal use.  The music composed by Jukedeck’s AI is surprisingly indistinguishable from human-composed music. The tool is great for marketers who would otherwise resort to using a generic stock jingle.

With the few examples above, it is clear that AI is capable of solving a vast amount of tasks, including creative tasks.

This article has been adapted from VentureBeat

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