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Social media has opened a lot of doors and created opportunities for brands across the globe, who bought a ride on this unending social ride. If as a business owner you’re yet to board the train, here are some of the things social media can do for your brand.

  • You can increase brand awareness and loyalty by connecting and engaging with your customers on social media.
  • Social media also helps you keep an eye on your competitors and gain Intel on what they are doing right or wrong. This helps you make strategic business decisions and keep ahead.
  • You can also share content about your business faster with your customers by sharing them on your social media accounts.
  • Social media provides an opportunity for you as a brand to build lasting relationships with your customers.
  • There is an unending well of information about your customers that you can draw from. With over millions of tweets, photos and videos being uploaded on Instagram and over billion likes and reactions on Facebook daily, you can get information about their likes and thoughts about your brand.
  • The right social media platform can be a great boost for your lead generation.
  • Social media provides a good opportunity for your brand to generate revenue. This is achievable through building a community e.g. on Google+ or advertising on the social media platforms.
  • One other way social media can benefit your business is as a platform for recruiting and networking. Advertise vacancies and discuss with like-minded people and brands to improve the way you do business.
  • Influence your search engine optimisation (SEO) ranking by growing on your social following.
  • Social media can be your customer service. Your customers can reach you via your social account about complaints or enquiries.

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