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Many a times, we suffer the consequences of not adhering to the rules of the simplest things of life, we know they exist but our underestimation of these rules cost us, and the regret attach leaves us sad. Hence, as a business owner having an eye at the market’s lion shares, it is important you pay detailed information to your business.

Agree on scope in advance: As a business owner, it is imperative you have a clear contract with your client before work begins. Have a clear contract before work begins. Once a project goes beyond the documented plan, charge for it. If you agreed to build a website with 10 pages, but soon the site is 20 pages, the client should pay you for them. If your contract makes that clear at the outset, it is easier to control scope creep.

It is your duty to know and understand how social media networks operate: Each social network requires techniques, your method of using Facebook should be different from Twitter and the rest. Understanding these networks have different consumer profiles. If you go on a channel and use it the wrong way, it could do more long-term harm than good.

Be grateful:  There is nothing more fulfilling when loyal customers see brands extend sincere gratitude. This facilitates a strong bond with the brand. Appreciate loyal customers who show you there is a demand for what you do. Always remember that Good will translates to loyal customers.

Not taking user’s feedback important is dangerous: It is the job of your customers to express your product’s flaws and with their candid opinion, it is your sole job to make amendment as quick as you can until you receive a satisfactory feedback. Customers want to to be respected, included and happy, with feedback you give them such assurance. You won’t know if you have a great product until it’s in the field and users are beating it up. Your customers’ feedback is your drive.

Lastly, as an effective owner of a business, ensure you build a team that can carry on.

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