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Before we go into how to make content marketing viral, we need to understand two things. First, what exactly is content marketing? It is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a defined audience with the aim of driving profitable customer action. Viral content on the other hand, is any piece of media (a Facebook post, YouTube video, Instagram post or tweet), that becomes wildly popular overnight. So, how do you make your content marketing viral?

Make people look smart. Send them content that makes them look clever to their friends- Any piece of content makes people seem smart, they’re more likely to share it with their friends. And people like being the first to share information because it makes them seem cool and in-the-know.

People have a short attention span so; follow the KISS rule– keep it short and simple. It has been researched that people are better moved with content that is supported by visual images or videos. The present generation is more into pictures and videos that they find reading boring and less educative. The best way to keep your content in the head of people forever is via images and videos.

Make it relate-able- People are more likely to share if it applies to them or personal. Being personable is the key in this 21st century, people are not some statistics or robots you just pour out information to and not receive feedback.

Make it interactive– Choose topics people can discuss on. Promote content that creates rom for interaction, find news relating to your industry that is trending, share with your followers and engage them while this topic is on.

Create an avenue for people to comment and respond to good and controversial comments- Posting on your social media account is not enough until you create the right atmosphere where your audience can freely comment on topics.

Use catchy and curious headlines to pique people’s interest-Do not be boring, people are attracted to good energy, so should your headline, create that kind of topic that will inspire people to read all over again.

As you were previously encourage, follow these how tos and watch your content marketing become viral.

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