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Microsoft addressed some of the bigger shortcomings of the Lumia 820 with the new Lumia 830. Users will find a vastly better camera, a higher resolution display, improved processor and more.

They will also  get a 10 MP PureView camera with Zeiss optics, integrated wireless charging, and more with the Lumia 830. This is in a step to compete with its rivals.

Microsoft staked its claim in the flagship market with its new Lumia 830, which will retail at 330 euros. In comparison the Samsung Galaxy S5 sells for 440 euros and the iPhone 5S for 515 euros.

Lumia 830 has the latest quad-core Snapdragon processor, weighs in at 150 grams and measures in at 8.5mm thin. Microsoft describes it as its thinnest and lightest Lumia phone yet.

Microsoft also announced the dual-sim Lumia and Lumia 735. The 735, 730 and 830 all have improved front-facing cameras to improve the quality of selfies and the 735 and 730 now will ship with a new ‘selfie app’, which allows users to edit the selfies as they please.

To further set the new phones apart, the company is focusing on camera quality, wireless charging and the availability of an NFC-connected device to display photos and videos from the phone on a connected TV.

Speaking on the announcement, a carphone warehouse spokesmen said “Windows Phone is fast becoming a very viable alternative to the other operating systems thanks to the intuitive interface and brilliant integration across other Microsoft products like Outlook, Office and even Xbox, allowing users to seamlessly connect their smartphone to their lives. Microsoft has kept up a commendable launch schedule with a range of devices all with impressive specifications addressing each level of the market.

“The 830, 730 and 735 announced today continue that with features such as a high tech selfie camera on the 730 and 735, wireless charging and the now signature on-trend fashionable colours, all at a reasonable price point look sure to help cement Microsoft smartphones as a trendy lifestyle product as well as a technically dependable one.”

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