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Leverage Your Business Using ThrowbackThursday

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Written by Yomi Ashiru

18 May, 2017

Leverage Your Business Using ThrowbackThursday

Leverage your business using Throwback Thursday. Throwback Thursday or #TBT is a popular social media trend millions of users (translate potential customers) use every Thursday. They post old photos usually of themselves with the hashtag #TBT. These posts go from the nostalgic to the inspiring to the ridiculous with users inviting other users to share in their reminisce. By participating in the trend correctly, you can leverage your business and earn a lot of respect and social credibility. As a brand, here’s how you can use this nostalgic trend to drive traffic to your business.

  • When sharing throwback photos of your own, include your location.
  • Old photos of your brand’s humble beginnings i.e. blueprints, construction pictures etc are great for throwbacks.
  • Also, old photos of employees at work, founding members or even new photos with fun and retro looks (costumes and makeup) are also great for throwbacks.
  • Include fun facts about your business in your throwbacks.
  • In addition, share photos of your first client, first business card, first press mention etc.
  • Plus, awards you gotten are also great for throwbacks.
  • Like, comment and share customers’ throwback photos.
  • In addition, you can share video clips of old movies or some other popular post from a particular era e.g, a music video from the 80s.

Participating in this trend as a brand shows you’ve been around (reliability), you’re fun and easy to relate to (humane), you’re cool, creative and have a personality.

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