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Graphic Design Trends to Look Out for in 2018

As the year comes to an end, 2017 ushers out the old, and heralds the new graphic design trends that designers should keep abreast of in 2018. Alongside creative and bold typography come double exposure duo tone visuals, augmented and virtual reality, vivid colours plus gradients, and bespoke illustrations. In no particular order, these trends are listed below.

  1. Creative typography
    Instead of the standard and commonplace type, unique hand drawn designs are standing out from the crowd. These include creative and bold typography, cropped typography, and typography that interacts with real life elements.
  2. Double exposure duo tone and double light visuals
    Unlike conventional double exposure photos, this style fuses duo tones to create one visual made of two overlapping images in monochrome colours. Double colour light or colour channel splits, which comprise two actual light sources to develop a more modern look, are also on the rise.
  3. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality
    Google, Apple and IKEA have already begun incorporating augmented reality into their products plus services. As AR and VR gain tractionit’s anticipated that more brands and designers will incorporate these technologies and 3D shapes into their portfolios. The applications extend beyond just advertising and marketing, but also lifestyle, education, architecture, interior design, retail, and travel.
  4. Vivid colours and gradients
    Instagram redesigned its logo to a simpler and more colourful gradient design and now, other brands have taken a ‘vivid colours and gradients’ page from the company. This style also ties in closely with colourful 3D graphics and colour fonts to make the colours pop.
  5. Hand drawn, customised illustrations
    This year saw the likes of Google, Airbnb and McDonald’s opting for bespoke illustrations in their campaigns, and it likely won’t stop here. Get ready for more hand drawn, personalised graphics that fuse with 3D, bold colours, double exposure, and paper cutouts.


This article first appeared in TAXI

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