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For those not used to Google’s product, wondering why the news and what is Google’s app? Google Contacts is Google’s app for managing your contacts. Previously, the only normal way to get Google’s official, dedicated Android contacts app was to pick up a Pixel, Nexus or Android One phone. Many third-party apps could fill in the gaps, but it wasn’t what Google had planned.  Henceforth, the application is now available for all devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop and newer(75% of all Android devices).

What to expect from the Google’e app are: The Google’s app supports launching a new phone call or new SMS message from a contact’s page, so this would be a suitable replacement for anyone to use instead of the included Contact application. It also supports the ability to import contacts saved to a SIM card, for users that still do that for some reason. The software is mainly helpful for its tight integration. And not ignoring the better accessibility feature the app provides.

Google is allowing this latest update to the Contacts app to the Play Store now, but if you aren’t currently unable to view this new version for yourself, it is advised you download the APK file for it.

The update is presently available for everyone, including Galaxy S8, LG G6, Blackberry Keyone, and more.

Let us take a positive look of this update from a marketing angle. It is obvious Google is interested in better serving its customers with the recent update of the Google’s app, and no a doubt the company takes her feedback important, knowing fully well a brand’s customers are the kings of the business. Some companies have collapsed for not taking the concerns of their customers imperative. I believe this recent update by Google will inspire small or big brands that do not work enough or slow to giving their customers new experiences.

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