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Give Your Work a Boost with These Web Apps

Find below some hot web apps guaranteed to give your web design work a boost in terms of workflow management, online sharing, form field analysis, and product marketing.

With this web app, you can upload design files, add animations and transitions, and create a high-fidelity prototype in 5 minutes or less. InVision provides solid solutions to many of the day-to-day issues designers and design teams typically have to deal with; ranging from prototyping activities to collaboration and task management. This web app’s user base is made up of corporate customers, startups, design agencies, and individual designers. helps everyone from entrepreneurs to design teams or product managers improve their design processes and boost their productivity, by the ease in which they can create realistic, interactive, and code-free sharable prototypes. The package includes beautifully crafted iOS, Android, Windows, and watchOS UI components. You can import your Sketch and Photoshop designs. It becomes only a matter of taking your static designs, and incorporating animations, interactions, and transitions to bring those designs to life.

Sendloop gives you the ability to grow your web design business using effective email campaigns that can cause conversion rates to soar. It offers some pretty hefty marketing capabilities, and it doesn’t require any coding or special technical expertise to put them into play. All that is required is the ability to brand and customise any of this web app’s 100+ professionally designed email templates.

A Kanban board is a proven work and workflow visualization tool. Paymo offers the Kanban approach to web designer teams. This modern project management tool provides online, offline, and automatic time management and time tracking functions. Paymo highlights progress toward project goals and objectives. It provides summaries of past and current workflow activities. It stores and shares project information

MeisterTask solves a common problem web designers encounter. You have your website and mobile app design, and prototyping ducks in order, and you’re good to go. Part way into your project however, you realize that keeping your workflow running smoothly is taking up way too much of your time. You’ll recoup that time, and more, by allowing MeisterTask to manage your workflow for you. This intuitive web app adapts its flexible Kanban-based project boards to fit your workflows.

Form Analytics by Use It Better
If you are experiencing lower than anticipated conversion rates, and you rely on forms for customer feedback or call to action support, those forms could be partially, or totally to blame. Form Analytics by Use It Better collects and analyses form field data. It indicates which fields are completed, and which fields, or forms, are abandoned. This web app is free for small scale users. It is worth its weight in gold when it gives you the information you need to take remedial action, so your forms can contribute to your conversion rates, rather than holding them back.

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