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Are you aware Snapchat presents a unique opportunity to reach a new audience and retain your fans that is receptive to clever, creative marketing.

Snapchat is becoming the fastest-growing social network more than 100 million daily active users. Of the businesses that market on social media, most use Facebook, but only 2% use Snapchat. This gives your business an edge if you actively embrace this social network platform, since it is projected that many businesses will also join the community of Snapchat users.

What To Do On Snapchat:

#1: Develop Content

First, you’ll need to develop content for Snapchat. Here are some ideas that you may want to try:

Create valuable tutorials about something in your area of expertise. For example, show people how to bake a birthday cake if you are a caterer.

Show your product in action. For example, show a person expressing satisfaction using your product

Ask users for pictures or videos of them using your product, and send out snaps featuring them. Those fans will feel valued, and your audience will discover different ways they can use your product.

#2: Invite Participation

Social media is best effective when it is a two-way thing. Social media should be social, not a one-way megaphone for promotions. Replying to every snap isn’t practical, but you can cultivate such healthy culture. People get excited when they are made important, which you should do and see your followership increase.

#3: Get Creative

Creative is key! After deciding what content you’ll develop, think about how you can present it in a creative way.

#4: Add a Call to Action

Ask viewers to visit your website Track the effectiveness of this strategy by creating a special page with a URL that you give out only on Snapchat

#5: Build a Following

The challenge in building an audience on Snapchat is that the platform has no hashtags, search or any other means of traditional content discovery. You can create a following by letting people know you’re on Snapchat and giving them a convincing reason to follow you.

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