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Everybody knows Facebook and Twitter but not all people know that Google since 2011 has its own social network, Google+. To use Google plus you need to have a Google account (gmail). If you already have a gmail, then you also have a google+ account, look for the + sign next to your name in the top right corner.

I understand that Google+ does not necessarily come with the best adrenaline other social media platforms come with, yet its impact on many businesses’ performances can not be ignored.

Like Facebook, Google+ can be used for both personal and business use. If you choose to use Google plus for business, you need to first create a personal google plus account and then a google plus business page for your business.

Despite the unpopularity Google+ has been experiencing lately, there is no doubt it has many benefits for businesses. The followings are some of the advantages:

1. It’s good for local SEO– Local businesses have many more reasons to use Google+ since it’s a great way to provide Google with more details about your local business such as location, contact details, services offered etc. When you do everything correctly your will get a nice snippet with information about your business on the right side of Google when someone searches for your business name.

2. It’s good for Google SEO – Google may officially deny that social signals are used for rankings (and that includes their social network as well) but in my opinion the more information they have about a webpage (especially about businesses that sell online), the better is for that business because it helps in establishing trust which is one of the factors why a website may rank better than others.

3.It’s good for your brand and online reputation– Businesses that do not fall in the category of local businesses i.e. they do not serve customers in a physical location are considered as brands.

Brands can also get their company information in the right hand of Google if they have a Google+ Business page with more than 1000 followers that is updated with high quality posts related to their niche

4.It’s good for your adwords campaigns– When you run campaigns on adwords and you have a Google plus business page with more than 100 followers and updated content, adwords may show your number of followers and +1s in your ad and this will drive more interaction and attention.

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