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Awesome Social Media Content as Easy as Pie

Awesome Social Media Content, Scubed Studios, scubedstudios

Written by Dotun Olagbadebo

Oladotun Olagbadebo is a social media manager, content writer and developer at Scubedstudios with a B.A in English from Lagos State University and a Diploma in Broadcast Journalism from Nigeria Broadcast Academy.

29 Nov, 2017

Creating Awesome Social Media Content is as Easy as Pie

Social media keeps on changing and evolving daily so in other to remain at the total one must change, learn, and adapt to the new technologies and platforms used in achieving social media ROI. Though content is KING, what kind of content gets you the kingdom? With practice and time creating awesome social media content becomes easy with the basics listed below.


Today images are the cornerstone of social media, which is why social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Flickr are so popular today. They all offer image-based posts which are quicker to absorb than a full-length written post. No one has time for that, especially someone in the rat race who only has a minute or 2 to catch up with their social network.

Remember, when choosing an image, you have to decide which social media network you want to post them on. What may work on Facebook may not on Pinterest. And each social media network has a specific size and layout. Funny and eye-catching images are great. You can also use infographic images for your business as well.


If you are not using videos in your marketing, you are missing a very, very valuable piece of content. With videos, you can connect and build trust with your audience faster than any other form of content. Videos can be used to provide visual testimonials or information. They can also be used to promote your business or just to tell a story about your brand or clients. Google+ and YouTube have powerful SEO benefits.


Writing great text is also part of creating awesome social media content. Especially when it is used well to interact and engage with members of your community a generous mixture of questions, quotes, tips, and testimonials.

Content Sharing

Awesome content is not limited to those that you create. You can also share good content that belongs to other people such as blog posts, News, videos, and images as long as you are prepared to give them the credit for it.

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