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First and foremost, with the fast battery charging (Quick Charge 3.0). And attractive colours of Titan, Silver and Pink, LG is preparing to sweep many off their feet and compel their competitors to chasing them. This is looking bright for her in regards to sales and rating by the religious lovers of impressive technology.

The LG V30’S will also have 18:9 aspect ratio with support for HDR 10 and Google Daydream

Fortunately, LG is slowly giving details about its upcoming V30 flagship smartphone weeks ahead of the launch which is anticipated this month.

On Thursday, LG revealed the details about the phone’s camera, which will have some remarkable specs.

First, one of the lenses in V30’s dual camera setup on the back will have a f/1.6 aperture, which according to LG is the largest ever aperture on a smartphone camera lens. This means the lens will deliver 25 percent more light to the camera sensor, which would ideally result in better camera performance in low light conditions. Amazing, I can hear you say. They are more to this.

The lens will also be made of glass, not plastic, which will further contribute to image quality, especially to better color reproduction.

It seems obvious it will be a similar setup as in the company’s G6 and V20 phones, with one regular and one wide-angle lens, although LG has not confirmed this speculation with it recent leak, yet it looks very possible.  LG claims the V30’s wide-angled camera will cut edge distortion — which, from a testing of the G6, it has been known to be a very real issue that significantly spoils those wide-angle shots — by a third compared to the V20’s camera.

Finally, the rear camera module on the V30 will be 30 percent smaller than on the V20. It will feature laser detection autofocus as well as both optical and electronic image stabilization and electronic image stabilization.

What are your thoughts?

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