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5 Team Management Tools to boost Productivity

Are you a Project Manager or coordinator? Do you have a team you are in charge of? Then, this article is for you. Communication is of utmost importance to the success of any given project, and it is arguable that ensuring that clear communication pathways are established between all team members and clients is the most important role of a PM. Hence, we’ve brought you 6 team management apps and tools that can streamline your communication pathways and supercharge your productivity.

1. Trello

A simple to use visual-based team management tool, the interface is extremely intuitive, and easy to grasp in not more than 5 or 10 minutes with only the minimal amount of instruction. Trello’s main function, is to organise projects throughout their various stages or iterations. Users can create boards, and on those boards, they can create lists, and on those lists they can create cards. Cards contain information and attachments – files, documents, images etc. As each task is completed, the card can be moved from one list to the next, so all members can view its progress.

2. Realtime Board
Realtime Board is the perfect tool for helping teams to brainstorm and communicate ideas. Every member of a particular Board can write notes, draw sketches and create diagrams – and communications can be made in real-time.

3. Droptask

This tool presents the user with ‘drops’. For each task – or stage of a task – a ‘drop’ can be created, colour coded, and then marked as in progress, on hold or completed. Furthermore, subtasks can be added to any individual task, comments can be left and files can be attached.

4. Slack

With Slack, all messages can be posted in one place, and access to all chats can be gained from both desktop and mobile devices. It’s also possible to segment chats so that communication can take place between only a few team members, or between client and PM.

5. Toggl

This a web app that monitors and tracks the time spent on various projects and allows users to analyse productivity. It monitors how long employees are spending on each project. Timesheets can be generated at any time, and, at the end of each month a comprehensive sheet detailing the precise hours of work can be easily formed and forwarded onto clients with an accompanying invoice.


This article was adapted from itsmonkie

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