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Reasons To Constantly Updating Your Facebook Business Page With New Content

Reasons To Constantly Updating Your Facebook Business Page With New Content

Reasons for Adding New Content to Your Facebook Business Page

Content marketing is a long-term strategy that uses content in a variety of formats to build a stronger relationship with your audience, capture their audience, improve engagement and improve brand recall. Contents can be in the form of Photos, Videos, Articles, Comics, Animations, Plugins, Infographics etc. Adding new contents to our business page is very important for the following reasons:

Greater return on a smaller investment: Content marketing costs about 62% less than traditional and outbound marketing tactics. Therefore, it is a lot cheaper than other forms of advertising. One form of content marketing that offers the widest and highly targeted reaches with some of the best Return of Investment (ROI) is the email. Highly targeted email campaigns using segment lists, can generate up to 760% more revenue than traditional email blasts.

It exposes your business to new prospects and a larger audience: When you write high quality content, your audience will take note and may share these contents thereby reaching more audiences and these audience may also in turn share to more audience and the network continues to grow like that.

It improves brand awareness: You will stay in the forefront of consumer’s minds by constantly posting new contents, engaging them regularly and with that knowing what they want. If your posts are not frequent and your page is not engaging, then there may be tendency of losing your audience to a more active blogger who is always engaging his/her audience.

It improves engagement with your target market: Facebook generally is an engaging platform than most social media platforms. It is therefore important to use its full potentials. One should engage with his/her audience through various posts, with this you will have the opportunity to improve your brand recognition as well as learning more about your target audience, specifically their wants and needs.

It grows your target audience: When you make posts especially if it is a very good one, you may have some audience who may love such posts very well and may decide to share it to their friends and family members, who will in turn share it to other friends. This act grows your audience and helps you to market and advertise your page faster without it costing you anything, it is therefore important to constantly add new contents to help you achieve this goal without much stress and costs.

Improves your search engine visibility: Adding new content to your Facebook page improves your search engine visibility. When you use keywords, which will be read by major search engines, it drives traffic to your site, this will improve your site’s relevance and improves your ranking in search engine results.

To face and cope with competition: To be on the same page with your competitor or to be better than your competitor, you need to always add new content to your Facebook page. On the internet as it always was and would always be, content adding is very important. You should always keep your page fresh and engaging. This will make you achieve your goals and optimize your ROI. If fresh new contents are not seen on your page regularly, you may lose out of the competition and if possible, the business completely.

Instagram Marketing Hacks For 2019

Instagram Marketing Hacks For 2019

Instagram Marketing Hacks for 2019


To grow on Instagram is very hard, although it can still be achieved. To accomplished this goal, let us consider the following Instagram hacks for 2019.


(1) Get a business account and connect it to Facebook, this will market your brand on Instagram. A business account allows you to see all the analytics that facilitate to urge a stronger insight of how your posts are playing and how you engage individuals through it, you will be able to additionally see who is following your page and the impressions a specific post has gained.


(2) Set your profile. The image of your brand is carried by the profile, hence the need for choosing a high-quality profile image.


(3) Schedule your content: The key to knowing what variety of content your users like and the way you must post your content which is the key to Instagram marketing.


(4) Do not over post: If you focus an excessive amount of time on posting picture, you are taking away time for promoting them. Also, too much of posting might make the audience bored and may decide to live your page.


(5) Like and comment: With the help of assorted or varying looks and comments, you will be able to obtain likes, however, to do this, create your time before you publish a post. Search the hashtags you propose to use in your post. like and inquire into the recent results you have got, then post your image and check the results within minutes.


(6) post more carousel content by doing so, it has a higher tendency of having more engagement. When your audience scroll through your carousel content, they have more time to go through more content which ordinarily they may not do on a normal content. Also, it is important these carousel posts are related and meaningful, therefore it will arouse the interest of your audience in viewing more pictures and videos.


(7) Engage with your audience on BMS and in the comment sections, engage on their stories, posts, therefore your content will be more expose to your audience by doing this and it will also be more expose to your co-followers. For every post you make, there must be a follow up, routine check and a spontaneous response to questions, comments, and so on.


(8) A lot of you already know you can hide your hashtag in your stories, you can minimize the hashtags, perhaps use a sticker to hide it. Also, it is important for you to use trending hashtags. This will boost your page on Instagram and increase your followers. Most internet users want to know what is trending and when they see most of these trending things on your Instagram page, they will always want to check your posts to know what next is trending.

SEO Trends For 2019

SEO Trends For 2019

SEO Trends in 2019


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic and visibility of a website or a web page to users or potential clients. SEO refers to the improvement of unpaid results (known as “natural” or “organic” results), and excludes the purchase of paid placement. Search engines like google, Bing and yahoo invests a lot on their platform to enable customers easily find businesses or products online. I have taken some time to research on the new SEO trend for 2019, that you can apply to your website

AI (Artificial Intelligence)
AI is expected to revolutionize the way in which internet users conduct online research using keywords. AI will dictate the future of SEO by providing a number of personalized experiences teamed with automation. Automation is expected to come in as an important element to save time in digital marketing in addition to introducing the concept of machine learning. Through machine learning, digital marketers can automate a number of everyday SEO tasks like reporting and data analysis. Thus, machine learning will be able to improve the abilities of the SEOs so that it can yield efficient and quick responses to online searches.

Voice Search:
Instead of typing keywords in the address bars of search engines, voice search is now trending. When using google Research suggest that by 2020 VS will account for close to 50% of the total number of searches, this trend therefore calls for SEOs to think and speak the language of their online audience to come up with matching voice search strings.

V:isual Search

This is the new-age concept to conduct a search through image and data gathered from a camera. All the user has to do is to click on a picture of an object on their phone and upload the image to the browser. They can then ask for the article which is featured in the image and will order it online.

Augmented Reality and Visual Reality:
These two modern technologies are all set to alter the manner in which links are built, leads are generated and how users engage with compelling content. With these technologies gaining ground, it is up to content creators to tap into their potentials.

Don and Alex Tapscott the authors of a 2016 book called “Blockchain Revolution”: have defined Blockchain as “An incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value”. In order words you can picture it in the form of a spreadsheet. But you may ask how does blockchain impact the SEO?
As transactions occur, the spreadsheets are simultaneously updated. If someone falsifies data on their spreadsheet, the blockchain would notice the discrepancy from the majority of the records and nullify the bad data. Because it’s nearly impossible to alter the data on all the ledgers, a blockchain is a very secure way to verify and move or exchange assets. It also creates a permanent trail from start to finish. That trail can guarantee the legitimacy of key aspects of SEO — determining if web traffic is human or not, detecting black hat methods much more easily and reducing the staggering amount of money lost to digital ad fraud. Below is a chart showing the blockchain mechanism:

SEO Trends in 2019, blockchain

Roles of Blockchain in SEOs

(a) Link Building
Link building has long been an important part of SEO. That doesn’t mean the same tactics that applied in the 90’s can work today. For example, it’s possible to see some ranking boost from blog comment linking, but those look more like spam every day and their weighting is significantly less than it used to be. Natural link building has long been the most effective strategy. Blockchain will make it way easier for the major search engines to detect and penalize any website they catch buying paid links. Though it’s discouraged today, enforcement is difficult and under-utilized.

(b) Verified Data
User interaction data matters a lot. It’s helpful to your marketing team and necessary for web crawlers to rank your site. That data can be diluted by bot traffic and hurt your rankings. Implementing a blockchain solution can verify human traffic and separate it from the bots, giving you better insights and higher rankings. Paid digital advertising is full of fraud because it’s currently impossible to tell if an ad was clicked by a human or bot. Blockchain technology is a very viable solution to this multi-billion dollar a year problem by connecting advertisers directly with verified potential customers.

(C)Keyword Research
It’s difficult to determine just how a keyword plays out in different settings. The results vary across devices, location, users etc. With a token incentive, keyword research could utilize background space on thousands of devices to create an in-depth aggregate of data-heavy results.
While the full impacts are still uncertain at this junction, it’s not likely to be long before technology leaders start to leverage blockchain as a means for securing and processing interactions as much as they do transactions. And that means that you, as a marketer, have a whole new ballgame to learn. Thankfully, it’s likely to be one that rewards good SEO habits and practices, stamps out bad, and works to create a more democratic playing field.
In internet, search engines transmit data from various websites to users with Blockchains. The presence of middlemen does not exist, this paves a way for transparency, hence build trust amongst internet users, weeding out false users. Therefore, blockchain will be needed to play an important role in SEO to counter the occurrence of online fraud.

Video Content:
Statistics suggest that videos have the power to increase user engagement by a stunning 80% when compared to simple text or audio clips, with so much affinity with video contents by users, 2019 will see search engine algorithm’s crawl audio-visual (AR) content directly avoiding the crawling’s or exclusive text content surrounding the video.

User Experience:
The User Experience is expected to become a crucial element of SEO in 2019. With many changes taking place in the domain of google rankings, google will start attaching higher rankings to links that deliver user-centric and personalized search results. It therefore means that e-commerce stores will have to concentrate on delivering a higher level of user experience to maintain their search positions.

Mobile-First Indexing:
In the mobile first indexing, websites are now ranked based on the quality of user experience they provide on mobile devices. If a site has mobile and desktop version, the index adds the mobile one, if there is only a desktop version, it gets indexed the same as normal. Therefore, there is need for one to master mobile SEO. You must have a mobile friendly version of your site else google will index something you cannot show to mobile users and a large traffic will go past you.

5 Key Benefits Of SEO For Small Businesses

5 Key Benefits Of SEO For Small Businesses


The importance of SEOs in businesses cannot be over-emphasized, for it helps in owners of businesses to create a fast, robust and user-friendly websites that rank higher in search engines and brings more qualified potential customers to their sites.

      The following are some major benefits of SEO for small businesses.

(1)  It creates a faster, smoother and user-friendly website.. If a website is well-structured, clean and unclustered, it will make a casual visitor stay longer, thereby decreasing bounce rate and increasing page views. Also, highly relevant content keeps readers happy as they provides answers and solutions to their problems or curiosity. It also gives them an answer to the exact thing they come to look for in your site.

(2)   It brings in more customers to your sites  and not just ordinary customers but also targeted customers. It is also relatively cheap and a more efficient marketing strategy used today.

(3)   It has a better rate of conversions. SEOs optimizes websites, loads faster, are easy to read and surf, and will display in almost types of devices. Websites that are easy to read and navigate are more likely to grab and hold attention from your readers or visitors. They may eventually become your loyal customers, subscribers and returning visitors.

(4)   SEOs helps in building brand awareness. For a small business to build a better brand awareness, it is important it use an SEO. This is because when your sites appear on the first page of a major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, your potential customers are more likely to trust your brand when they search for a particular term rather than other brands that do not have a strong website.

(5)   It enables you to bypass a competition. When you use a SEO and your competitor does not, you have every tendency to attract more customers to your website than your competitor. Your business will also grow faster and become more successful in time than your competitor’s.

       With these benefits listed above, As a small business owner, you should utilize SEO to build a strong web presence and bypass your competitors to gain new customers for your business and take it to the next level.

Top 3 Ways To Be Found Locally On Google

Top 3 Ways To Be Found Locally On Google

Top 3 Ways To Be Found Locally On Google


It is not very easy to be found on google because of high rate of competition. However, to be found locally on google, take the following steps to guide you in achieving this aim:

(1)   Niche yourself and add content:

It is good you create a niche in your business for yourself. It is not advisable to compete with a big competitor in your business as this will make your potential customers to have a harder time finding you. This will only be good if you are the major competitor since you will be more visible than a smaller competitor.

The best way to build an organic audience is to add content to your website, social media platforms, email marketing strategies and anywhere your potential customers can find you on the internet. When you can share stories, lessons learned, facts and information about your industry, your credibility hits new height and therefore allows you to build trust in your desired community and more potential customers will visit you online.

(2) Build Your Links:

A link has to be informative, attractive and hit a pain point with your customers. This will guide and direct you to link building which has become a huge part of what drives SEOs. To grow popularity, you use links and build a strategy around sharing content with your potential customers.

(3)  Paying Attention:

It is important that you know the wants and needs of your customers. This will guide you to know the right content to posts and at the right time. To do this, you must capitalized on things like customer reviews, their likes, comments and shares. Paying attention to pain point so you can fully address their needs through your content and link building. Once people start talking about you, more people will visit your website, social media platform and blogs, Google will now learn quickly that you have become popular within your community.

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